How does the Trioptek Secure Enterprise Backup system work?

Trioptek's Secure Enterprise Backup (SEB) service utilizes the Crashplan PRO Enterprise (PROe) software system to perform and manage backups from remote locations to our private backup cloud environment.  Trioptek does NOT use any outside storage environments for the storage of our client's data - we own 100% of our storage network and internal server environment.  Our system uses 448-bit encryption to heavily protect all customer data on our servers.  No data is ever passed without being encrypted first and all encryption keys are kept separate from the backup storage environment in a separate encrypted environment.  Trioptek's SEB is a fully managed service which means we monitor every backup on a daily basis to ensure that our client's data is always protected.  If a problem arises we will attempt to resolve the issue behind the scenes, but if necessary, we will contact the client for further troubleshooting.  

Using the Crashplan PROe software system gives us the flexibility to backup a variety of computer types including servers, desktops and notebooks.  Crashplan PROe is an intelligent backup software, and will adapt to network environments with ease to accommodate traveling users that frequently change locations.  

With the fully managed aspect of Trioptek SEB, clients are released from worrying about data backups.  Let us handle your critical data protection needs and return your focus to what really matters in your business. 

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