What is Google Apps and why should I use it?

Google Apps is a powerful set of web-based Enterprise tools that bring tremendous value, power and flexibility to small businesses and large corporations.  Google has published many resources to help potential customers understand what is included and how it all works together.  Please take a look at these resources to learn more: 

Google Apps Website: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/

Google Apps Quick Intro VIdeo: https://sites.google.com/a/googleapps.com/google-apps-learning-center/your-first-days

Google Apps - The Tools and Features Included: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/products.html

Trioptek Solutions, Inc. is a Google Partner and Google Apps Reseller.  Our Managed Google Apps service includes account management, domain management and setup, user administration and much more.  To learn more about how we can provide your company with Google Apps, or for any pre-sales questions you may have, please contact info@trioptek.com. 

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