Checklist before migrating to Google Apps for Business


In most cases, we handle all of the back-end configuration and setup for your Google Apps for Business accounts.  However, there are some VERY IMPORTANT items that all users should be aware of before the date and time of the actual service migration to Google Apps. 


1. We like to think (and many of our clients agree!) that we are some of the best at what we do... but we are NOT MAGICIANS or MIND READERS!  It is very important that you do not make any kind of assumptions or leave any details out when communicating with us to plan for your migration to Google Apps - this could lead to disaster.  We will do our very best to ensure a smooth transition, but it is your responsibility to make sure we receive all relevant data and to safe guard your email and other important data during the transition.  


2. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD or FORWARD ALL EMAIL from your current email provider prior to the migration to Google Apps.  We are not responsible for any email or data loss or loss of email services during or after the migration is complete.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all email is either downloaded and saved to an email client on a local computer (using Microsoft Outlook or other email client) or forwarded to an outside email account.  In most cases, when the required configuration changes are made to point your email services to Google Apps, you will lose connectivity to your previous email provider, which could cause the loss of email not downloaded or stored in another account. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS IS DONE PRIOR TO MIGRATION FOR ALL ACCOUNTS! 


3. After the email system migration is completed, all users will need to log into the Google Apps for Business website indicated prior to migration.  This is typically something like in order to access your NEW email account and other Google Apps services. 

4. If you plan to use a desktop email client program to download and access your Google Apps email, you will need to reference the following  information provided by Google in order to setup your email client software.  Your current email account settings in your email client software will not work once the migration to Google Apps is complete.  

IMAP and POP email access setup for Google Apps for Business

Google Apps Outlook Sync Tool


5. What you can expect during the migration:

  • Most migrations take place after business hours during the normal business week
  • Under normal circumstances, NO email is lost and email services incur NO downtime
  • Immediately after the migration is completed on our end, all users will be able to log into the Google Apps website and access any NEW email that has arrived since the migration, and begin using their account.  An email client software is not required to use Google Apps. 
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