What is included in my Google Apps for Business account?

What IS INCLUDED with my Google Apps for Business account:

When you sign up for a Google Apps for Business account managed by Trioptek Solutions, Inc., your account includes: 

1. One annual Google Apps for Business license per user account 

2. Initial Google Apps Account activation and setup of user accounts, groups, aliases and services

3. Setup of your domain name (mycompany.com) in the Google Apps system, adjustments to DNS records and other required technical details

4. Standard deployment of the Google Apps domain including Google Apps Best Practices for security and usability

5. Continued management of the Google Apps domain including changes and updates to DNS records, security updates, setup of new user accounts and administration of standard Google Apps features.  (Some support actions may incur additional charges.  User desktop support and mobile device setup is not included in our standard Google Apps account pricing.  Additional support services are available upon request.)

What is NOT included with my Google Apps for Business account:

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients in many situations, however, the following are examples of some actions that we do not include with our standard Google Apps for Business service: 

1. Migration of email messages from your existing email server or email client to Google Apps is not included.  Google provides a syncing utility for Microsoft Outlook that will allow you to migrate existing email that you have in your Microsoft Outlook profile to your new Google Apps user account.  You may also setup a POP3 email retrieval from an outside POP3 account on another server using the "Get mail form other accounts" feature built into Google Apps/Gmail - more information here.  We are not responsible for the migration of existing email from your current email server(s) or email client programs.  In some select cases, we may be able to offer migration services for an additional fee. 

2. Setup of mobile devices is not included.  Google Apps is compatible with a broad range of mobile devices including iPhone and Android devices. We do support the use of approved mobile devices (as defined by Google and our availability) with the Google Apps system, but the initial setup and configuration is not included.  You will be provided with all of the configuration details necessary to properly setup your Google Apps account on your approved mobile device.  We can offer setup of iPhone and Android devices for an additional one time fee. 

3. Desktop email client setup and support is not included.  Google Apps uses standard email technology including POP3, IMAP, SMTP and Microsoft Exchange to allow for compatibility with a broad range of email client programs on desktop computers.  We will be happy to provide you with all of the setup details and information that you need to properly setup your Google Apps email account on your email client software, but we are not able to include the actual setup and support of your desktop email software in our service.  This means that if you have a problem with your email client software (Microsoft Outlook, for example) you will need to contact the software vendor for assistance.  One time setup of a Google Apps account on select desktop email client software may be possible for an additional one time fee, but continued support of desktop email client software is not available.   

4. Support of Google Apps Marketplace software is not included.  There are thousands of applications that may be installed thru Google Apps Marketplace to enhance and extend your Google Apps domain.  Support and troubleshooting for these applications must be provided by the software vendor and is not supported by Trioptek Solutions.  

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