What to expect when migrating my email service to Google Apps for Business

Moving to Google Apps for Business is in most cases an easy and painless transition.  It can vary depending on who your current email provider is, but in most cases the transition will result in little to no down time.  For this example, we will explain what to expect when migrating from our own Trioptek Smartermail email system to Google Apps for Business.  


What to expect thru the process: 

  1. The first step is to determine a date and time that the email switch will occur.  This generally occurs during off-peak hours or during a weekend.  We will handle this part of the transition completely.  It involves changing your domain name's DNS settings and activating your Google Apps Premier account(s) within our reseller portal at Google.  We generally start the process about 24 hours before the actual email switch to ensure that everything is ready to go when the actual email service change is made. 
  2. During the process, we will gather all of the email accounts that you have active on your current email provider, and re-create those in the Google Apps Premier system.  This includes all regular accounts and alias accounts - Google supports both.  
  3. Once the accounts are setup, we will send you the information you will need to log into your Google Apps domain for email, contacts, calendars and the other related services that come with Google Apps Premier.  You can actually log into the system and look around before the actual email system change is made.  HOWEVER, you should NOT attempt to send any email from the Google Apps system until we have completed the email switch - doing so could result in your account being tagged as SPAM. 
  4. When the time arrives to perform the actual email switch over from your current email provider to the Google Apps Premier system, we will make the appropriate changes on our end.  After the pre-determined date/time, your old email provider will stop receiving email for your domain and all related email accounts.  HOWEVER, Google's system is very unique and you will still have FULL ACCESS to your old email provider's system both thru POP3, IMAP or webmail access (provided you maintain the account with the old provider).  You simply will not receive any new email at your old email provider.  
  5. After the Google Apps Premier system is running and accepting email for your domain we will work with you (provided you have selected our management service) to get your desktop, notebooks and mobile devices setup for access to the Google Apps Premier system.  If you are a current Microsoft Outlook user then the transition will be very easy because Google provides a tool to seamlessly transfer all of your current Microsoft Outlook data into the Google system, and then allows for real-time syncing of any new data between Outlook and Google.  You can also use the Google web application for access to everything, from anywhere, or use one of dozens of mobile devices that offer full integration with the Google Apps system.  


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