How to get started with Google Apps for Business

If you are a Trioptek Managed Google Apps for Business customer, than this information will help get you up to speed on how to use your Google Apps for Business account.  

IMPORTANT!!! - One of the very first things you need to know about Google Apps for Business is that IT IS NOT GMAIL!  Gmail is a free service provided by Google, while Google Apps for Businessis a separate system intended for professional and business use.  However, Google Apps does share a good portion of the same interface and features as Gmail, but the two are not the same.  Some veteran Gmail users may find some differences between Gmail and Google Apps because many of the 'beta' features found in Gmail are not immediately available in Google Apps.  Google Apps for Business includes an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that guarantees 99.99% uptime as provided by Google, and as a result, is intended for business use, and focuses on stability and reliability.  This doesn't mean that Google Apps will not have the same features as Gmail eventually, but the features typically show up more slowly due to rigorous testing before integrating into Google Apps.  


How to log into the Google Apps for Business website

Each Google Apps for Business domain has its own unique domain name - something like "".  That domain name is associated with each service within the Google Apps for Business system.  Any users that have been setup with a Google Apps for Business account will have a username at the same domain - for example, "".  This is also the email account for all users as well.   

In order to log into the Google Apps for Business domain thru the web, you will need your Google Apps for Business username and password.  This would have been provided to you after the account was setup.

Each domain name has a unique log in for the Google Apps for Business system.  The log in is formatted as "", where "" is your individual domain name.  If your domain and Google Apps for Business accounts are managed by Trioptek, then you will also have an easier URL setup that is something like "".  You may use either one. 

Google Apps for Business log in (default): (replace "" with your domain name)

Trioptek Managed Google Apps log in: (replace "" with your domain name)


OK, I am logged in... now how do I use Google Apps email and calendar? 

First time Google email and calendar users may find the Google system quite different than what they are used to (if you are a Microsoft Outlook user, please see the information below for details on continuing to use Outlook).  Google's email and calendar systems have some unique features only found within Google.  Once you learn how it all works, you may never go back to 'traditional' email again.  It does take some getting use to, so check out these links for some helpful tips and some of the benefits and features of the Google Apps email and calendar systems:

Google Apps Messaging Benefits:

Helpful Tips for Google Email 
**Please keep in mind that this link is for GMAIL tips, which may not all apply to Google Apps, but the general usage tips do. 


What are some of the other features in Google Apps for Business ?

The primary reason that most users and businesses switch to Google Apps for Business is for the email, contacts and calendar features.  However, there is MUCH more!  Google Apps is essentially a complete online collaboration and information sharing system that teams and businesses can use form anywhere over the web.  Take a look at the links below for more information on the added benefits of Google Apps for Business , beyond just email, calendars and contacts.  

Google Powered Collaboration:

New Google Apps Features:

Enhanced Collaboration with Google Apps:

Upload ANY file to Google Docs:


Can I still use Microsoft Outlook with my Google Apps for Business account? 

Yes you can!  Google has developed a way to use Outlook with your Google Apps account and it's only available to Google Apps for Business users.  The Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool  allows you to migrate all of your current email, contacts and calendars that are in Microsoft Outlook up to the Google Apps system.  This means that you can make a seamless transition from whatever current email system you use in Microsoft Outlook into the Google Apps system, and never miss a beat!  Once the migration is completed, the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool will keep all of your email, contacts and calendars in sync between the Google Apps system and Microsoft Outlook.  

*** Please submit a support request for assistance setting up the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool.  We will gladly assist you!


How do I use my mobile device with Google Apps for Business ?

We have an entire article devoted to just this topic.  Take a look here:

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